The 8 Crucial Steps to Follow to Survive a Mass Shooting

Danger can come anytime and anywhere. Nobody is informed prior to its upcoming. Therefore, it is our responsibility to always remain prepared and alert to face any type of problem and handle them with courage.

Here, we bring to you the top 8 crucial steps that will easily help you to escape and survive a mass shooting incident. At the time of the mass shooting, these tips come out to be the most important thing to be followed. It is very important that at the time of incident you are fully prepared and calm. This way neither you will get hurt nor there will be any serious injuries. Gunsafereview will give you all the necessary information about shooting practices and tips.

 Have a look at these steps below:

  1. Go far away from the shooting area

Your first priority should always be to escape from the place where this incidence is taking place. Go as far as you can from the place. You should have the idea of all the routes of escape. The places from where you can hear the gunfire stay away from those areas. Use leather 1911 shoulder holster for better grip.

  1. Immediately react to the situation

You should never get tensed after looking at the situation. Run as soon as you can and take the route which is nearest to you. If there is anything that is making you slow like your heels just take them off and run away.

  1. Take the exit escape

Try to go straightway to the exit area instead of the places that have any curves, bands or zigzags. These places can slow down your speed.

  1. Encourage others to run

Try to bring other people with you. Make sure that saving others should always be your priority along with saving yourself. If there are more people, shooters will find it tougher to target an individual.

  1. Hide if escape is not possible

In case you are not able to find any exit area then another option with you is to hide at some place where the shooter cannot reach you. In case you are inside any room, immediately call on the emergency numbers and also lock the room in such a way that nobody can enter inside. Also, collect all the possible weapons that you can. Put enough barriers at the room gate to get saved in all the situations.

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  1. Turn the lights of the room switched off

To increase your chances of survival, turn off all the lights and other appliances so that shooter does not get the idea that you are inside. Stay away from the door and window when the shooter is nearby the room.

  1. Look for a strong cover

If you are hiding at some place, try to find out the place where the bullets can be stopped from injuring you. These places can be for example the concrete walls or some thick trees.

  1. Act as if your dead

In case the shooter finds you, act as if you are dead. Don’t try to become smart by attacking the shooter. Attack only when he is not having any weapons or if he is badly injured.

These are some of the steps which you can take as a quick action to save yourself from any of the miss-happenings.